As some people might have noticed, I collect the Silhouette Nocturnes.
I usually preorder them months in advance, to make sure I get them when they come out.
Apparently Amazon "can't source" them anymore.
I've emailed Amazon — no reply.
I've emailed Harlequin — "We're looking into it", since then, nothing.
It annoys the crap out of me. I collect the series, have done since book #1, even the ones I know  I won't like. I have every single one of them, nearly 90 books so far.
Now Mills & Boon release them in their own covers, and I'm guessing this is the reason why I can't get the US covers anymore via Amazon.
The trouble is, the numbers differ, the covers are complete rubbish over here. Keep your icky covers. I haven't bought a single M&B release in years, because of those covers. I'd rather go and get the US version of the book. (Especially those disgusting pink things.)
So where does this leave me?
Up the creek in a wire mesh canoe.

Thank you so much, Amazon, M&B and Harlequin.
Sort it out, will ya?
I can't be the only UK customer who prefers the US releases!

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