Long time no see.
Had to put this somewhere to pin it, so I’m reviving my old ThinksToKeep Blog for the moment.

It’s warm outside.
And I want the door open.
Alas… Warm =wasp_2

Buzzing. Wanting to come in.
No. Just… No.

I didn’t want to spend megabucks on some ugly fly protection, just to open the darn door on the few days we have enough heat to do it.

I figured there had to be an easier way — and there is:

I used–
2 x Wilkinson’s 60-100cm Adjustable Tension Rod (£3.30 each)
1 x Wilkinson’s “Sheer Elegance” 145cm  x 228cm Tab Top Voile. (£6 was down to £4) (57″ x 90″)

At first I wedged the tension rods into the doorframe (Pic 1)

Tension rods in doorframe

Pic 1 – Tension Rods in Doorframe






That was all very well, but not so easy to shift, and it left a little gap.
So I moved the rods into the doorway instead. (Pic 2)

Picture 2 - Tension Rods in Doorway

Pic 2 – Tension Rods in Doorway

Picture 3 - Outside View

Pic 3 – Outside View

Picture 4 - Outside, get in and out

Pic 4 – Outside, get in and out











Picture 5 - Inside Top

Pic 5 – Inside Top







The tension rod sits higher than the doorframe, so there is no gap at the top where creepy crawlies can get in.

Picture 7 - Inside Bottom

Pic 7 – Inside Bottom







The tension rod at the bottom is flush with the doorstep, but you can still move the curtain to the side to get in and out.
Just pull closed after, and you keep unwelcome visitors of the many-legged (and the neighborhood cats!) variety out.

Easy to put up, easy to remove, you can’t really see in well, and it’ll all just roll up and you can put it away.

Let me know if you like it. 🙂