A writer is hard to find presents for.

We’re picky people. We read a lot, so most books you think of getting for us, we’ve either read, or don’t find useful.
However, if you take a peek at my reference books, there may be something there which your writer friend doesn’t have.
If they write paranormal, like I do, there may be something there for them. And even if they don’t, there may well be something on that list for them.
Not all of mine are on there, I really need to update that list, especially since I’ve just ordered two more. 🙂

There are odd books out there. Find out what your writer friend writes, check their Amazon Wishlist! That one is a pretty safe bet to get them something they want. 🙂

Not only that, but there are some pretty nifty courses around. Holly Lisle runs the Thinking Sideways one, for example, and I’ve had good feedback on it from people.
There are a whole bunch of workshops, but to be fair, if you’re not a writer, you won’t necessarily know about them. I should have a look around if there is a central page to list them.
If not, I might add a little post here when there is one. 🙂


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