The Questions on my mind this morning…
Do they have parties in Heaven?

How about cake?
If I tie a chocolate cake to a balloon, will it get to you?
Do you get presents?

Today isn’t easy for me.
It’s your birthday, and you’re not here.
I miss watching you unwrap a present, I miss seeing you enjoy the cake.
I miss the hugs, the snuggles.
I miss going to sleep next to you.
I miss hearing you laugh. I loved your naughty chuckle, and I really miss that.
I miss YOU.
A lot.

But I have memories… so many of them.
Memories of twenty-eight birthdays.

Remember when we decided to go down to Cornwall one year?
What a long weekend that was, huh?
I’ll never forget how hard I laughed when you threw an apple out of the window, at 3am, at a motorcyclist who’d been racing up and down the road in Boscastle all night. Poor bloke nearly hit the bridge, when the apple smacked into his helmet. That was some deadly aim, there, Paul.

I also remember how bleary eyed we were the next morning, and made the decision to head to Brixham and stay there, instead.
Only to be drummed out of bed at 4 am, by a fishing party who thought we were part of their crew… Every time we were almost back asleep, some other cretin banged on the door. Damn, after the fourth time, we just lay there in fits of giggles, just yelling “We’re not part of the fishing trip!!” every time there was a knock on the door.
At breakfast, we decided — just to get some sleep — to head into deepest, darkest Dartmoor, to stay at a B&B in the middle of nowhere. Surely we’d get some sleep there?

Remember how you made me navigate? And how we got stuck on a cattle grid? It took ages to get the car going again, but you did. I had visions of spending the rest of my days stuck in that Fiesta, on the cattle grid, forgotten by the world…as it got darker and darker.
But we got there, and we had a few pints at the “local” pub…that was about 2 miles up the road, where there were no street lights and we didn’t have a torch. Hiking back in the dark was one hell of an adventure. And you were telling me horror stories about psycho killers running loose in Dartmoor, the whole way!
And the night in that B&B… oh my word.
The ungodly racket at 4am. 
But hey, you got the dog out from under that bed, even though you had to dismantle the whole thing. 
And you did it without a complaint.

It was one hell of a birthday and I think we needed a two week holiday after those three days. 🙂

I still love you for all those things, all the laughs we shared.
We always tried to do silly crazy funny stuff. Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes… not so much.
But we always had fun.

I hope you have fun up there today, and that some of the angels will have a chocolate cake for you.
And if you get presents — I hope there will be NO slippers among them!
(Or mugs!)

Love you, always.