There are tons of collective nouns which pertain to animals.
Since I am forever getting stuck on what to call something… I thought I’ll post my lookup, so that other people can get something out of it too.
It’s a VERY long list. ๐Ÿ™‚


Collective Nouns (Animals)
herd of antelope   troop of horses
army of ants   cry of hounds
colony of ants   mute of hounds
swarm of ants   pack of hounds
shrewdness of apes   charm of hummingbirds
flange of baboons   clan of hyenas
congress of baboons   band of jays
tribe of baboons   party of jays
culture of bacteria   scold of jays
cete of badgers   smack of jellyfish
colony of badgers   herd of kangaroos
sleuth of bears   mob of kangaroos
sloth of bears   troop of kangaroos
pack of bears (polar bears)   deceit of lapwings
colony of beavers   ascension of larks
lodge of beavers   exaltation of larks
flight of bees   leap of leopards
grist of bees   leep of leopards
hive of bees   lepe of leopards
swarm of bees   pride of lions
congregation of birds   sault of lions
dissimulation of birds   sowse of lions
flight of birds   troop of lions
flock of birds   lounge of lizards
volery of birds   herd of llamas
sedge of bitterns   plague of locusts
siege of bitterns   tidings of magpies
herd of boar   sord of mallards
singular of boar   stud of mares
sounder of boar   richness of martens
chain of bobolinks   horde of mice
brace of bucks   mischief of mice
clash of bucks   nest of mice
herd of buffalo   company of moles
rabble of butterflies   labor of moles
swarm of butterflies   movement of moles
wake of buzzards   cartload of monkeys
flock of camels   tribe of monkeys
army of caterpillars   troop of monkeys
clowder of cats   troup of monkeys
clutter of cats   herd of moose
glaring of cats   barren of mules
pounce of cats   pack of mules
dout of cats (house cats)   rake of mules
nuisance of cats (house cats)   span of mules
kendle of cats (kittens)   watch of nightingales
kindle of cats (kittens)   bevy of otter
litter of cats (kittens)   family of otter
destruction of cats (wild cats)   raft of otter
drove of cattle   romp of otter
herd of cattle   parliament of owls
kine of cattle   drove of oxen
team of cattle   herd of oxen
yoke of cattle (two)   span of oxen
herd of chamois   team of oxen
brood of chickens   yoke of oxen (two)
flock of chickens   bed of oysters
peep of chickens   company of parrots
brood of chicks   covey of partridges
chattering of chicks   muster of peacocks
clutch of chicks   ostentation of peacocks
cartload of chimpanzees   colony of penguins
herd of chinchillas   crèche of penguins
bed of clams   huddle of penguins
quiver of cobras   parcel of penguins
rag of colts   rookery of penguins
rake of colts   nest of pheasants
bury of conies   nide of pheasants (on the ground)
cover of coots   nye of pheasants (on the ground)
flight of cormorants   bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
band of coyotes   flight of pigeons
sedge of cranes   flock of pigeons
siege of cranes   drove of pigs
congregation of crocodiles   herd of pigs
float of crocodiles   litter of pigs
storytelling of crows   farrow of pigs (piglets)
murder of crows   sounder of pigs (wild pigs)
herd of deer   shoal of pilchards
leash of deer   congregation of plovers
parcel of deer   wing of plovers
bevy of deer (roe deer)   chine of polecats
kennel of dogs   string of ponies
pack of dogs   pod of porpoises
litter of dogs (puppies)   school of porpoises
pod of dolphins   passel of possum
drove of donkeys   coterie of prairie dogs
herd of donkeys   bevy of quail
pace of donkeys   covey of quail
trip of dotterel   bury of rabbits
bevy of doves   colony of rabbits
cote of doves   down of rabbits
dole of doves   drove of rabbits
dule of doves   husk of rabbits
flight of doves   leash of rabbits
piteousness of doves   trace of rabbits
flight of dragons   trip of rabbits
weyr of dragons   warren of rabbits
wing of dragons   nest of rabbits (young)
brace of ducks   wrack of rabbits (young)
flock of ducks   gaze of raccoons
flush of ducks   nursery of raccoons
paddling of ducks   colony of rats
raft of ducks   horde of rats
team of ducks   mischief of rats
aerie of eagles   pack of rats
convocation of eagles   plague of rats
swarm of eels   swarm of rats
herd of elephants   rhumba of rattlesnakes
memory of elephants   storytelling of ravens
parade of elephants   unkindness of ravens
gang of elk   crash of rhinocerouses
herd of elk   building of rooks
mob of emus   clamor of rooks
business of ferrets   storytelling of rooks
cast of ferrets   run of salmon
fesnying of ferrets   school of salmon
charm of finches   shoal of salmon
catch of fish   bob of seals
haul of fish   colony of seals
run of fish   crash of seals
school of fish   harem of seals
shoal of fish   herd of seals
swarm of flies   pod of seals
lead of foxes   rookery of seals
leash of foxes   spring of seals
skulk of foxes   team of seals
army of frogs   school of shark
colony of frogs   shiver of shark
knot of frogs   down of sheep
flock of geese   drove of sheep
gaggle of geese   flock of sheep
skein of geese (in flight)   fold of sheep
wedge of geese (flying in a ‘V’)   hurtle of sheep
horde of gerbils   trip of sheep
corps of giraffes   bed of snakes
herd of giraffes   den of snakes
tower of giraffes   nest of snakes
cloud of gnats   pit of snakes
horde of gnats   walk of snipes
swarm of gnats   wisp of snipes
herd of gnus   host of sparrows
implausibility of gnus   dray of squirrels
drove of goats   scurry of squirrels
herd of goats   murmuration of starlings
tribe of goats   muster of storks
trip of goats   mustering of storks
charm of goldfinches   flight of swallows
glint of goldfish   bevy of swans
band of gorillas   herd of swans
skein of goslings   wedge of swans (flying in a ‘V’)
leash of greyhounds   flock of swifts
covey of grouse   drift of swine
pack of grouse   sounder of swine
colony of gulls   spring of teals
group of guinea pigs   ambush of tigers
horde of hamsters   streak of tigers
drove of hares   knot of toads
down of hares   hover of trout
husk of hares   flock of turkeys
leash of hares   brood of turkeys (immature)
trace of hares   bale of turtles
trip of hares   generation of vipers
warren of hares   nest of vipers
aerie of hawks   colony of vultures
cast of hawks   mob of wallabees
kettle of hawks   herd of walruses
array of hedgehogs   pod of walruses
prickle of hedgehogs   pack of weasels
brood of hens   sneak of weasels
hedge of herons   gam of whales
sedge of herons   herd of whales
siege of herons   pod of whales
shoal of herrings   school of whales
crash of hippopotami   plump of wildfowl
herd of hippopotami   herd of wolves
bloat of hippopotami   pack of wolves
drift of hogs   rout of wolves
parcel of hogs   route of wolves
passel of hogs   warren of wombats
nest of hornets   fall of woodcocks
harras of horses   descent of woodpeckers
herd of horses   herd of yaks
stable of horses   herd of zebras
team of horses   zeal of zebras