What are you afraid of?

If you have an irrational fear of… You’re suffering from…
Accidents Dystychophobia
Air (and drafts) Aerophobia, airphobia, pneumatophobia
Airplanes Aeronausiphobia
Amnesia Amnesiphobia
Animals Zoophobia
Animals, wild Agrizoophobia
Ants Myrmecophobia
Atomic energy (or nuclear weapons) Nucleomitophobia
Automobiles Motorphobia, ochophobia
Automobiles (riding in) Amaxophobia
Bad men Scelerophobia
Bald, becoming Peladophobia, phalacrophobia
Bathing Ablutophobia
Beards Pogonophobia
Bed, going to Clinophobia
Bees Apiphobia, apiophobia, melissophobia
Birds Ornithophobia
Blood Hematophobia, hemaphobia, hemophobia
Blushing Erythophobia, ereuthophobia
Books Bibliophobia
Bound, being Merinthophobia
Body odor Bromidrosiphobia
Bridges, crossing Gephyrophobia, gephydrophobia
Bulls Taurophobia
Buried alive, bing Taphephobia, taphophobia
Cancer Carcinophobia, carcinomatophobia, cancerphobia, cancerophobia
Cats Ailorphobia, aelurophobia, elurophobia, gatophobia, galeophobia, felinophobia
Celts Celtophobia
Cemeteries Coimetrophobia
Changes Tropophobia
Chickens Alektorophobia
Childbirth Maieusiophobia, tocophobia
Children Pediophobia
China (or the Chinese) Sinophobia
Chins Geniophobia
Choking (or smothering) Pnigophobia, pnigerophobia
Church Ecclesiophobia
Clergymen Hierophobia
Closed spaces Claustrophobia, cleisiophobia, cleithrophobia, clithrophobia
Clothing Vestiophobia
Clouds Nephophobia
Cold Cheimaphobia, cheimatophobia, psychrophobia, frigophobia
Colors Chromophobia, chromatophobia
Comets Cometophobia
Constipation Coprostasophobia
Contamination Misophobia, mysophobia, molysmophobia, molysomophobia
Corpses Necrophobia
Crowds Ochlophobia, demophobia, enochlophobia
Crucifixes Staurophobia
Cyclones Anemophobia
Dampness Hygrophobia
Dancing Chorophobia
Darkness Achluophobia, scotophobia, lygophobia, myctophobia
Dawn Eosophobia
Death Thanatophobia
Decaying matter Septophobia
Decisions, making Decidophobia
Defecation (painful) Defecalgesiophobia
Deformity Dysmorphophobia
Demons, spirits, goblins, etc. Demonophobia, daemonophobia, bogyphobia
Depth Bathophobia
Dining (or dinner conversation) Deipnophobia
Dirty, being Automysophobia
Disease Nosophobia, pathophobia, panthophobia, nephophobia
Disorder Ataxiophobia, ataxophobia
Dizziness Dinophobia
Doctors Iatrophobia
Dogs (or rabies) Cynophobia, kynophobia
Dolls (or infants) Pedophobia, paedophobia
Double vision Diplopiaphobia
Drink (alcoholic) Potophobia, dipsophobia, alcoholophobia, dipsomanophobia
Drugs (medicinal) Pharmacophobia
Dryness (and dry places) Xerophobia
Dust Amathophobia, koniophobia
Eating Phagophobia
Electricity Electrophobia
England (or the English) Anglophobia
Everything Pantophobia, panophobia, panphobia, pamphobia
Excrement Coprophobia, scatophobia
Eyes Ommatophobia, ommetaphobia
Eyes, opening one’s Optophobia
Failure Kakorrhaphiophobia, kakorraphiaphobia, atychiphobia
Fatigue Ponophobia, kopophobia
Fearing Phobophobia
Feathers Pteronophobia
Fever Febriphobia, pyrexeophobia, pyrexiophobia
Filth Rhypophobia, rypophobia, rupophobia
Fire Pyrophobia, arsonophobia
Fish Ichthyophobia
Flashes Selaphobia
Flogging Mastigophobia
Floods Antlophobia
Flowers Anthophobia
Flutes Aulophobia, autophobia
Flying Aviatophobia
Fog Homichlophobia, nebulaphobia
Food Sitophobia, sitiophobia, cibophobia
Foreigners (or strangers) Xenophobia
Forests (or wood) Hylephobia, hylophobia, ylophobia, xylophobia
France (or the French) Francophobia, Gallophobia
Freedom Eleutherophobia
Frogs (and toads) Batrachophobia
Fur Doraphobia
Gaiety Cherophobia
Garlic Alliumphobia
Genitals, female Kolpophobia, eurotophobia
Genitals, male Phallophobia
Germany (or Germans) Germanophobia, Teutophobia, Teutonophobia
Germs Bacillophobia, bacteriophobia
Ghosts Phasmophobia
Glass Crystallophobia, hyalophobia, hyelophobia, nelophobia
Glass bottoms Hyalinopygophobia
God Theophobia
Gold Aurophobia
Good news Euphobia
Gravity Barophobia
Greece (or the Greeks) Grecophobia
Growing old Gerascophobia
Hair Trichophobia, chaetophobia
Hair disease Trichopathophobia
Heart attack Anginophobia
Heart disease Cardiophobia
Heat Thermophobia
Heaven Uranophobia, ouranophobia
Heights Acrophobia, altophobia, hypsophobia, hypsiphobia
Hell Hadephobia, stygiophobia
Hereditary disease Patroiophobia
High places, looking up at Anablepophobia
Holy things Hagiophobia, hierophobia
Home Ecophobia, oecophobia, oikophobia, domatophobia
Home, returning to Nostophobia
Homosexuals Homophobia
Horses Hippophobia
Hospitals Nosocomephobia
Hurricanes Lilapsophobia
Ice Cryophobia
Ideas Ideophobia
Imperfection Atelophobia
Infants Pedophobia, paedophobia
Infinity Apeirophobia
Injury Traumatophobia
Insanity Maniaphobia, lyssophobia
Insects Entomophobia
Insect stings Cnidophobia
Itching Acarophobia
Jealousy Zelophobia
Jews Judophobia, Jaudaeophobia, Judeophobia
Jumping (from low or high places) Catapedaphobia
Justice Dikephobia
Kidney disease Albuminurophobia
Kissing Philemaphobia, philematophobia
Knives (and other sharp instruments) Aichmophobia
Lakes Limnophobia
Large objects Megalophobia
Laughter Gelophobia
Learning Sophophobia
Left (things to the left) Levophobia, sinistrophobia
Lice Pediculophobia, phthiriophobia
Light Photophobia
Lightning Astraphobia, astrapophobia
Love Philophobia
Love-play Sarmassophobia, malaxophobia
Machinery Mechanophobia
Magic Rhabdophobia
Many things Polyphobia
Marriage Gamophobia, gametophobia
Meat Carnophobia
Men Androphobia, arrhenophobia
Menstruation Menophobia
Meteors (and meteorites) Meteorophobia
Mice Musophobia, muriphobia
Mind Psychophobia
Mirrors Catoptrophobia, eisoptrophobia, spectrophobia
Monotony Homophobia
Monsters (or giving birth to a monster) Teratophobia
Moon Selenophobia
Mother-in-law Pentheraphobia
Motion Kinesophobia, kinetophobia
Music Musicophobia, melophobia
Narrow places Stenophobia
Neglect of a duty Paralipophobia
Night Noctiphobia, nyctophobia
Noise Acoustiphobia, ligyrophobia
Northen Lights Auroraphobia
Nuclear weapons (or atomic energy) Nucleomitophobia
Nudity Gymnophobia, nudophobia, nudiphobia
Numbers Arithmophobia
Novelty Kainophobia, cainophobia, kaintotophobia, cainotophobia
Odors Olfactophobia, osmophobia, osphresiophobia, ophresiophobia
Open spaces Agoraphobia, cenophobia, kenophobia
Opinions (others’) Allodoxaphobia
Opposite sex Sexophobia
Pain Algophobia, odynophobia
Paper Papyrophobia
Parasites Parasitophobia
Parents-in-law Soceraphobia
Peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth Arachibutyrophobia
People Anthropophobia
Performing (stage fright) Topophobia
Pins and needles Belonephobia, enetophobia
Plants Botanophobia
Pleasure Hedonophobia
Poetry Metrophobia
Poison Toxiphobia, toxophobia, toxicophobia, iophobia
Politicians Politicophobia
Pope (or the Papacy) Papaphobia
Poverty Peniaphobia
Precipices Cremnophobia
Progress Prosophobia
Propriety Orthophobia
Prostitutes Cyprianophobia
Punishment Poinephobia
Purple Porphyrophobia
Railroads Siderodromophobia
Rain Ombrophobia, pluviophobia
Rape Virgivitiphobia
Red (or blushing) Erythrophobia, ereuthrophobia
Relatives Syngenesophobia
Religious ceremonies Teletophobia
Reptiles Batrachophobia
Responsibility Hypengyophobia, hypegiaphobia
Ridicule Catagelophobia, katagelophobia
Right (things to the right) Dextrophobia
Rivers Potamophobia
Rods, being beaten with Rhabdophobia
Ruin Atephobia
Russia (or Russians) Russophobia
Rust Lophobia
Scratched, being Amychophobia
Sea Thalassophobia
Semen Spermatophobia, spermophobia
Sermons Homilophobia
Sexual abuse Agraphobia, contrectophobia
Sexual intercourse Coitophobia, genophobia, erotophobia
Shadows Sciophobia, sciaphobia
Sharp objects Aichmophobia
Shellfish Ostraconophobia
Shock Hormephobia
Shot, being Ballistophobia
Sin (or sinning) Hamartophobia, harmatophobia, enissophobia, enosiophobia, peccatiphobia, peccatophobia
Sitting Thaassophobia, kathisophobia, cathisophobia
Sleep Hypnophobia
Slime Blennophobia, myxophobia
Small objects Microphobia, tapinophobia
Smothering (or choking) Pnigophobia, pnigerophobia
Snakes Ophidiophobia, ophiophobia, ophiciophobia, herpetophobia
Snow Chionophobia
Society Sociophobia
Solitude Autophobia, eremiophobia, eremophobia, ermitophobia, monophobia, isolophobia
Sourness Acerophobia, acerbophobia
Speed Tachophobia
Spiders Arachnophobia
Stairs Climacophobia
Standing Stasiphobia, stasophobia
Stared at, being Scopophobia, scoptophobia, ophthalmophobia
Stars Astrophobia, siderophobia
Staying single Anuptaphobia
Stepfather Vitricophobia
Stepmother Novercaphobia
Strangers (or foreigners) Xenophobia
Streets Agyiophobia, agyrophobia
Streets, crossing Dromophobia
String Linonophobia
Stuttering Psellismophobia
Sunlight Heliophobia, phengophobia
Surgery Tomophobia
Symmetry Symmetrophobia
Talking Glossophobia, phonophobia, laliophobia, lalophobia
Tapeworms Taeniophobia, teniophobia
Tastes, unfamiliar Geumophobia, geumaphobia, geumatophobia
Technology Technophobia
Teeth Odontophobia
Termites Isopterophobia
Theaters Theatrophobia
Thieves Kleptophobia, cleptophobia, harpaxophobia
Thinking Phronemophobia
Thirteen Terdekaphobia, tridecaphobia, triskaidekaphobia
Thunder Brontophobia, brontephobia, tonitrophobia, tonitruphobia
Thunder and lightning Keraunophobia, ceraunophobia
Time Chronophobia
Toads (and frogs) Batrachophobia
Tombstones Placophobia
Tornadoes Lilapsophobia
Touched, being Haphephobia, aphephobia, haptephobia, haptophobia, hapnophobia, thixophobia
Travel Hodophobia
Trees Dendrophobia
Trembling Tremophobia
Undressing in front of someone Dishabillophobia
Urinating Urophobia
Vegetables Lachanophobia
Virginity, losing one’s Primeisodophobia, esodophobia
Virgins Parthenophobia
Void Kenophobia
Vomiting Emetophobia
Waits, long Macrophobia
Walking Basiphobia, basophobia, bathmophobia, ambulophobia
Wasps Spheksophobia
Water Hydrophobia, aquaphobia
Waves Cymophobia
Weakness Asthenophobia
Wealth Chrematophobia, chrometophobia
Weight, gaining Obesophobia, pocrescophobia
Whirlpools Dinophobia
Wind Anemophobia, anemiaphobia, ancraophobia
Wine Oenophobia, oinophobia
Women Gynephobia, gynophobia, feminophobia
Women, beautiful Venustaphobia
Words Logophobia, verbophobia
Work Ergasiophobia, ergophobia
Worms Vermiphobia, scoleciphobia
Worms, being infested with Helminthophobia
Wrinkles, getting Rhytiphobia
Writing Graphophobia
X-rays Radiophobia
Young girls Parthenophobia