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Narrowleaf Plantain Salve and how to make it

Hi there, I promised some friends I would write up the ointment I make, so they can make it too. So here is the post. 🙂 Why should I care about this “Weed”? Plantago Major (Broadleaf Plantain)  & Plantago Lanceolate… Continue Reading →

Yes, I live in a castle.

This is where I live at the moment. It is a German “Jagdschloß” (Hunting Castle) in Lower Saxony. There is a Rocky Mountain Stud there, where I work as a groom, looking after 50+ horses. (As far as my cat… Continue Reading →

Presents for Writers

A writer is hard to find presents for. We’re picky people. We read a lot, so most books you think of getting for us, we’ve either read, or don’t find useful. However, if you take a peek at my reference… Continue Reading →

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Travelling through the US – Pt. 2

This is looooooooooooong overdue. I got busy, I didn't forget. So without further ado… here we go. As I left Boston on my Delta flight… I spotted something very cool on the aircraft: WIFI! So there I was, still sniffing… Continue Reading →

Fly Door – LifeHack

So. Long time no see. Had to put this somewhere to pin it, so I’m reviving my old ThinksToKeep Blog for the moment. It’s warm outside. And I want the door open. Alas… Warm = Buzzing. Wanting to come in…. Continue Reading →

Buying Tack online

It's a pain. I like to see the stuff first, but alas, there are no Western tack shops around here. (I should open one… I wonder how I'd do.) Finding decent gear can be a total nightmare. There are a… Continue Reading →

Le Update

Okay, I haven't added anything lately, so here is an update. So what have I been up to? (Like you want to know!) Well, for starters, I've been looking for a horse share for ages. Nothing worked out — until… Continue Reading →

It’s hot.

We're all melting just a little in the UK. It may mean nothing to others when it hits 29C (84F), but in the UK that's a heatwave. Tomorrow is said to be even hotter at 31C (88F), which means we'll… Continue Reading →

The Fox Did It

There has been a report about nine month old twins being attacked in their cribs by a fox. I heard about it, read a few news articles about it. Most people did, I'm sure. Now a lot of those very… Continue Reading →

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