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Just… odd things, that don’t fit anywhere else

Who are you?

Always be yourself. Oz is a mudbeast.He’s a gray horse, who likes to be dirty.That’s just who he is.Take it or leave it. There is a saying “Be you, everyone else is taken.”But it’s easy to say; much harder to… Continue Reading →

My bedroom looks like a spaceship

Blinkenlights… I sometimes feel like I’m sleeping under a Christmas tree.It seems every device we get these days, has some little LED status indicator.The on/off switch on an extension lead. The charging light on a charger. The on/off indicator on…well…… Continue Reading →

So… Water.

Think about the water you use. I’m in the process of buying a house.It sits on its own land, there is a well, a pond, woods and fields.We’re just coming out of a very hot summer, and the ground is… Continue Reading →

The Questions on my mind this morning… Do they have parties in Heaven? How about cake? If I tie a chocolate cake to a balloon, will it get to you? Do you get presents? Today isn’t easy for me. It’s… Continue Reading →

Narrowleaf Plantain Salve and how to make it

Hi there, I promised some friends I would write up the ointment I make, so they can make it too. So here is the post. 🙂 Why should I care about this “Weed”? Plantago Major (Broadleaf Plantain)  & Plantago Lanceolate… Continue Reading →

Yes, I live in a castle.

This is where I live at the moment. It is a German “Jagdschloß” (Hunting Castle) in Lower Saxony. There is a Rocky Mountain Stud there, where I work as a groom, looking after 50+ horses. (As far as my cat… Continue Reading →

Fly Door – LifeHack

So. Long time no see. Had to put this somewhere to pin it, so I’m reviving my old ThinksToKeep Blog for the moment. It’s warm outside. And I want the door open. Alas… Warm = Buzzing. Wanting to come in…. Continue Reading →

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